A hot air balloon bobs in the sunset sky.
A tent on the hillside.
Another tent pitched near the first.
A campfire crackles, illuminating the campsite.
A tree sways in the breeze
Another sways on yonder hill.


Fri 3rd - Mon 6th November 2023
Koonjewarre, Springbrook, QLD

🏕 COVID-19 information

CampJS is an in-person event being held in a period where COVID-19 is still in the community. As this event involves staying on site, primarily in shared accomodation, there is a risk of COVID-19 transmission. This page is prepread to help you decide if attending CampJS in person meets your risk tolerance.

Key terms used in this document

  • Commitment is something that we are promising to you.
  • ⚠️ Requirement is something that you will need to do in order to attend the event. Requirements form part of the conditions of sale of your ticket. Attendees who break these requirements may be asked to leave the event without a refund.
  • 💡 Recommendation is something that we won’t enforce, but we strongly suggest you do.
  • Attendees include the organisers, volunteers, speakers, sponsor representatives, regular ticket holders (paid or unpaid), and anyone else present on site (except venue staff and subcontractors).

Mask wearing

As this is a shared accomodation event, the periods where masks can't practically be worn (e.g. sleeping, showering, eating) are such that a mask requirement is not in place.

💡 Recommendation masks are worn in all indoor spaces. We'll have a supply of disposable masks available for attendees who choose to wear them but don't have their own.

Vaccination and testing

💡 Recommendation We encourage all non-exempt participants to be up-to-date with COVID-19 vaccines, as it is the best way to reduce the impact of COVID-19 should you be infected during your time travelling to and attending the conference.

💡 Recommendation We strongly recommend that attendees perform a rapid antigen test (RAT) before attending the event, especially if you are aware you have recently been exposed to COVID-19, or if you have recently been unmasked in a group setting.

Ventilation and density

There will be outdoor space available at the venue where it will be possible to eat and drink. The weather during November in Springbrook is typically warm and sunny, with an average of 8 days of rain throughout the month and highs of 23°C.

⚠️ Requirement You must respect your fellow attendees’ boundaries if they ask that physical distancing be maintained.

Displaying symptoms or testing positive

⚠️ Requirement We require you to not attend the conference if your presence would create a risk of exposure to communicable diseases (such as COVID-19) to your fellow attendees. Risk factors include:

  • Experiencing known COVID-19 or flu-like symptoms, in ways that are unusual to you
  • Testing positive to COVID-19 during the conference, or before the conference without subsequently testing negative (for example, by 2 non-positive rapid antigen tests taken 48 hours apart, or a negative PCR test)
  • Experiencing extended close contact with someone who has tested positive to COVID-19, influenza, or other communicable respiratory infections

⚠️ Requirement If you test positive, or you’re displaying symptoms of COVID-19 in ways that are unusual to you, you may not attend the event in person.

Commitment We’ll have a supply of Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) available on site.

Commitment If you test positive, or you’re displaying symptoms of COVID-19 we'll help you isolate or leave the event safely.

Changes to this information

Commitment: All of the commitments from us, and requirements we expect from you and your fellow attendees, will only be changed if it is to increase protections. The exception to this is if circumstances outside our control require us to loosen protections. If this happens, we’ll let all ticket-holders know.


The organisers acknowledge the work put in byNorth Bay Python 2023and PyCon AU 2023, both of which were used as references when preparing this document.

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