About CampJS

CampJS isn’t a regular conference. It’s time and space to learn new things, relax and really connect. Whether you’re a Javascript veteran, total newbie, into art, music or hardware, there’s something for everyone.

We schedule a unique blend of expert-led content and self-directed learning and encourage attendees to run other activities like bushwalking, drone flying or knitting.

To get a vibe for the event, check out the videos from previous camps or our Twitter page.

Lord Somers Camp

We lodge at Lord Somers Camp which is located approximately a one hour drive from Melbourne, on the southern side of the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

We are perfectly located overlooking the beach and nestled in the local wilderness of Somers.

Surrounding our campsite the local area hosts fantastic wildlife parks, natural and indigenous vegetation, hot springs, local wineries, and heaps more.

Come and discover our fantastic campsite, visit us at the corner of Lord Somers Road & Parklands Avenue, Somers, Victoria, 3297 .

What's included

  • Meals & snacks
    *Please note any dietary requirements on your registration form.
  • Juice, soft drinks & other beverages
    *You may bring a personal supply of BYO alcohol but you are expected to drink responsibily. You may be asked to leave if your behaviour is affecting other campers, aren't complying with an organiser's request or generally aren't upholding the Code of Conduct.
  • Coffee (Pod machine) & tea
  • Power & limited internet
  • Excellent company to socialise with and learn from

What to bring

  • Sleeping bag & pillow
  • Warm cloths
  • Toiletries
    *No soap or hygeine products are provided.
  • Medications
  • Earplugs if you're a light sleeper
  • Snacks to share
  • Electronics & chargers
  • Board / card games
  • A good attitude
    *Make sure to read out Code of Conduct.

Diversity &

CampJS values the diversity and inclusion of under-represented and marginalised people in tech.

We work hard to make the camp a friendly and welcoming environment. and do not tolerate discrimination or harrassment of any kind.

You can see the range of initiatives we’re working on, and suggest others on the Github issue tracker for the latest camp.

Diversity tickets can be bought on the Tickets page.


We do our best to make CampJS accessible to all. Our transport and venue providers have accessibility options available including wheelchair accessible buses, ramps, shower chairs and accessible bathrooms.

The venue provides ramps, accessible bathrooms and shower chairs and welcomes guide dogs.

Please contact us if you require assistance or additional facilities so that we can support your attendance.

Get involved

We organise as much of CampJS in the open as possible on Github issues.

If you have a question or would like to suggest an improvement for the meetup, open a new issue. We'll respond within a few hours.


We’re always looking for people to help out. To find the right for you, just fill out our helpful Volunteer form and we’ll get in touch.